Does Pain Really Equal Beauty? Let’s Get Comfy!

For so long, women have believed that we must suffer to be beautiful, but we are beginning to realize that pain does not make us more attractive. There is a fashion revolution sweeping the country; women are embracing their curves and tossing their ill-fitting clothes and torturous high heels to the curb. Every woman needs these 5 wardrobe essentials that bring structure and comfort to daily living:

#1: A Professionally-Fitted Bra

Let’s face it: women’s undergarments do so much more for us than simply covering our female curves. Bras should provide structure and support, as well as help us feel feminine and beautiful. Since undergarments are the basics of every outfit, every woman should splurge on a professional fitting and good quality bras.

#2: Shapely Shapewear

Speaking of undergarments, no modern woman’s wardrobe is complete without some Spanx, or other brand of shapewear. Although shapewear and compression leggings may feel constricting at first, this essential undergarment provides structure for virtually any outfit, and many women find them to be a key to comfort.

#3: The Perfect Pair of Denim

We all have a drawer full of jeans, and most women have denim in a range of sizes: our skinny jeans, our everyday wear, and our “fat” jeans, depending on the 10 pounds or so that our weight deviates. In order to embrace comfort, we need to ditch the range of sizes and the latest fashions coming from the runways. Focus instead on your body type and choose a style, cut, and blend of fabrics that fit well.

Most of us have curves; so selecting a pair of jeans with a bit of stretch will help us feel more comfortable all day long. When you go shopping for your new comfy denim, slip into your new undergarments, including your shapewear. Be sure to shop after you have eaten. In short, make the trying-on process real. Dress the body you have, and avoid being hypercritical. The more accepting we are of our actual shapes, the more confident we will feel in clothes that fit our bodies.

#4: A Tailor-Tweaked Blazer

A blazer is a versatile and comfortable wardrobe piece, but it can also be an expensive and hard-to-find item. Spend the time and energy scoping out vintage blazers or try on a few men’s jackets. Once you have found the perfect color and shape, seek out the local tailor. With a few alterations, this wardrobe find will hold a place of honor in your closet and become a chic addition over a skirt and blouse or a maxi dress, as well as a fashionable accompaniment to your new denim finds.

#5: Heels that Don’t Hurt

Your feet affect every other part of your body, especially if you have to stand all day in your profession. Some would argue that you must sacrifice all fashion for function when it comes to shoes, but that is not the case. Many designers are putting as much consideration into function as into fashion these days, but shoes are another area where you certainly get what you pay for. If you are looking for heels, be sure to try them on and invest in the best pair you can afford. Splurge on inserts to help cushion your toes and heels, and once you find a pair that works buy several different colors and rotate your shoes often.

Since finding the perfect pair of shoes can be so difficult for some, be sure to take care of your favorites. Seek out a cobbler for any repairs and get the most miles for your investment.

First and foremost, we must change our mindset. Beauty does not have to come at such a painful price. Fashion and comfort can go hand-in-hand with the right wardrobe choices.

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