Does Pain Really Equal Beauty? Let’s Get Comfy!

For so long, women have believed that we must suffer to be beautiful, but we are beginning to realize that pain does not make us more attractive. There is a fashion revolution sweeping the country; women are embracing their curves and tossing their ill-fitting clothes and torturous high heels to the curb. Every woman needs these 5 wardrobe essentials that bring structure and comfort to daily living:

#1: A Professionally-Fitted Bra

Let’s face it: women’s undergarments do so much more for us than simply covering our female curves. Bras should provide structure and support, as well as help us feel feminine and beautiful. Since undergarments are the basics of every outfit, every woman should splurge on a professional fitting and good quality bras.

#2: Shapely Shapewear

Speaking of undergarments, no modern woman’s wardrobe is complete without some Spanx, or other brand of shapewear. Although shapewear and compression leggings may feel constricting at first, this essential undergarment provides structure for virtually any outfit, and many women find them to be a key to comfort.

#3: The Perfect Pair of Denim

We all have a drawer full of jeans, and most women have denim in a range of sizes: our skinny jeans, our everyday wear, and our “fat” jeans, depending on the 10 pounds or so that our weight deviates. In order to embrace comfort, we need to ditch the range of sizes and the latest fashions coming from the runways. Focus instead on your body type and choose a style, cut, and blend of fabrics that fit well.

Most of us have curves; so selecting a pair of jeans with a bit of stretch will help us feel more comfortable all day long. When you go shopping for your new comfy denim, slip into your new undergarments, including your shapewear. Be sure to shop after you have eaten. In short, make the trying-on process real. Dress the body you have, and avoid being hypercritical. The more accepting we are of our actual shapes, the more confident we will feel in clothes that fit our bodies.

#4: A Tailor-Tweaked Blazer

A blazer is a versatile and comfortable wardrobe piece, but it can also be an expensive and hard-to-find item. Spend the time and energy scoping out vintage blazers or try on a few men’s jackets. Once you have found the perfect color and shape, seek out the local tailor. With a few alterations, this wardrobe find will hold a place of honor in your closet and become a chic addition over a skirt and blouse or a maxi dress, as well as a fashionable accompaniment to your new denim finds.

#5: Heels that Don’t Hurt

Your feet affect every other part of your body, especially if you have to stand all day in your profession. Some would argue that you must sacrifice all fashion for function when it comes to shoes, but that is not the case. Many designers are putting as much consideration into function as into fashion these days, but shoes are another area where you certainly get what you pay for. If you are looking for heels, be sure to try them on and invest in the best pair you can afford. Splurge on inserts to help cushion your toes and heels, and once you find a pair that works buy several different colors and rotate your shoes often.

Since finding the perfect pair of shoes can be so difficult for some, be sure to take care of your favorites. Seek out a cobbler for any repairs and get the most miles for your investment.

First and foremost, we must change our mindset. Beauty does not have to come at such a painful price. Fashion and comfort can go hand-in-hand with the right wardrobe choices.

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A Mom’s Guide To Embarrassing Life Moments

Let’s face it, mom’s come up against some embarrassing moments. Handling these moments with grace, poise, and good humor helps keep our stress levels low and our relationships strong. Learn how to not sweat the little things and deal with life’s little hiccups.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
We’ve all been there. Our child notices a physical trait in someone standing nearby and decides to make a big deal of it. It may start with a whispered question about why that woman looks so old or why that man on the bus is picking his nose, but you can bet they’re going to get louder.

When our kids ask strangers embarrassing or rude questions, our first reaction is usually to try to shush the child and slink away. Usually it’s best to face this situation head on. It’s reasonable to apologize to the person your child offended, but don’t feel like you have to grovel. Everyone knows kids don’t have much of a filter. After you’ve escaped the situation and everyone is calm, it’s time to have a calm conversation about what’s appropriate to say to strangers and what isn’t.

I Swear It Doesn’t Usually Look Like This!
So your mom or best friend or in-laws call you up to say their in the neighborhood and thought they’d stop by. Only problem is, the house is a disaster. First of all, don’t be afraid to ask for a little time to get ready, since the visit is short notice. It’s important to create appropriate boundaries, even with close family. If you’ve got ten minutes to clean up, make sure to throw out the trash and toss the dishes in the dishwasher. Feel free to throw the rest of the mess in a room with a door you can keep closed. At the end of the day, no one’s home is perfect all the time, and your friends and family should understand.

Where Did That Come From?
Finding an unexpected mole can be embarrassing. Fortunately you don’t have to get minor surgery at the doctor’s office. Natural mole removal treatments can banish that spot and get you back to looking your best. Just remember, if a mole is oddly shaped or is growing rapidly, you should be sure to speak to your doctor.

What’s For Dinner?
Sometimes things fall through the cracks. Sometimes we forget to thaw the meat for dinner and have no idea what to feed everyone. There’s no need for this to be an embarrassing moment. If you have time and the budget, run to the grocery and pick up some simple ingredients for that night’s dinner. Otherwise, there’s no shame in ordering out for pizza now and then.

I Completely Forgot!
With a family’s worth of different schedules and needs to manage, sometimes you’re going to forget that you planned coffee or a movie with your friend. Try to prevent these moments by keeping either an electronic calender on your phone or a clearly posted family calender in your home. If you do forget that important event, don’t panic. Either spend a little less time getting ready or promise to make it up to the person with a new specific plan. Just make sure you keep track of that one.

No one is perfect, no matter what social media says. Take these embarrassing moments with a dose of humor and don’t worry too much.

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6 Local Weekend Getaway Ideas For Moms

Whether you’re new to mommyhood or you already know how to juggle 5 or 6 six kids in your sleep, you have a great deal in common with many other mommies: you never have enough time for yourself and you could really use a break. Why not take just one weekend for yourself and choose to spend it however you wish? That could mean going on a weekend fling with your significant other, pampering yourself at a spa, or calling up your best gals for a fun-filled weekend of good food and cheer. Consider the following 6 mini getaway ideas for moms that need a much deserved respite away from it all…

1. Rediscover Yourself

Most moms admit they habitually put everyone else before themselves. Noble, right? Yes, until you’re so emotionally tired you can’t even think straight. There are endless weekend retreats for you to visit. Several popular ones provide ample time for you to re-dedicate yourself to personal growth and healing. Look for special weekend getaways that focus on total wellness, spirituality, meditation and yoga, or another kind of self-discovery journey that interests you.

Need to stick closer to home? Try registering for a local workshop in your area that focuses on any number of personal self growth seminars.

2. Private Wine Country Tour

Be honest. Life is better when you’re holding a glass of wine in your hand. Live near a vineyard? Book a private tour with a few of your other mommy friends whether you’re just a curious wine enthusiast or a serious wine collector. Take a weekend and splurge on a wine country tour. Depending on how much wine you actually “tour”, you may need to take Monday off.

3. Foodie Escape

What better way to discover the culture of a nearby town than ‘tasting’ your way through it? Book a room at your favorite hotel and take a mouthwatering trip to test the local flavor. Not only is a great way to meet new people, but also discover the exciting sights around the area as well.

4. Spa Getaway

Nothing says ‘relax’ quite like a spa. When was the last time you had a full body massage, a makeover, or had an entire team of people fussing over you? It’s probably been awhile since you’re a busy mom.

Why not call your favorite gal pals and treat yourselves to a luxurious spa getaway weekend. You can get a manicure, pedicure, hair and skin treatment, various massages, and pamper yourself till your mommy stress simply melts away.

5. Romantic Weekend

Close your eyes and try to remember the last time you and your honey had some time alone – really alone. Hopefully, it wasn’t on your honeymoon. It’s so easy to get caught up in family life and put all that romance stuff aside. Isn’t it time to catch up? Moms are people too. Run away together for the weekend and rekindle the flame. Who knows? Maybe nine months later you’ll end up with someone else to call you ‘mommy’.

6. Good Ol’ Fashioned Hen Fest

Life is supposed to be celebrated and fun. Take off with your girlfriends shopping, eating, drinking, exploring, or sight-seeing for the weekend somewhere not too far from home. It’s probably long overdue. Who cares where you actually go as long as you’re all together. You can dish about your hubbies, sex lives, (or lack of them), the kids, your dreams – just laugh and have a good time with other mommies. Not only will it make you happy, it will force you to remember that you’re so much more than just a ‘mommy’.

Your weekend getaway isn’t about catching the next plane out of town and leaving for a week or more. Even just one full day away from it all will do wonders for your overall morale and spirit.

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2 Winter Holiday Recipes That Will Impress Your Mother In-Law

The holidays always seem to creep in without any warning. One minute you’re lounging by the pool and enjoying the summer sun. The next minute, you’re organizing holiday dinners and wrapping gifts. If you plan on hosting this year’s holiday feast, these two winter recipes are sure to impress your mother in-law and have your guests begging for seconds.

1. Stuffed Pumpkin

Part of what makes food so appetizing is its presentation. Rather than stuff your holiday turkey, try stuffing a pumpkin instead. The pumpkin adds a hint of sweetness to the savory stuffing flavors, while the pumpkin creates a beautiful presentation. The best part is that this recipe is incredibly easy to make.

Prepare the Pumpkin:

Begin by carving around the pumpkin stem just as you would when carving a Halloween pumpkin. Make sure that you save the stem for presentation purposes. Wrap the stem in foil and set it aside.

Next, give the pumpkin a thorough cleaning by removing its seeds and “guts,” or pulp. A rounded metal spoon is great for this task. Once the pumpkin is cleaned out, brush the inside and the outside with olive oil. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the inside of the pumpkin and roast for one hour at 350F.

Tip: Save the seeds from your pumpkin! Rather than discarding them, you can soak them in water to remove the pulp and roast them for a delicious healthy snack.
While the pumpkin is roasting, prepare and cook the stuffing. Any stuffing recipe will work well. The key is to ensure that the pumpkin retains its shape so that it may act as a serving bowl for the stuffing.

Once the stuffing has cooked, stuff the pumpkin and bake it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350F. Allow your stuffed pumpkin to rest for 10 minutes after removing it from the oven. Take care when placing the pumpkin onto a serving dish. Be sure to support its bottom when removing it from the pan.

2. Apricot Glazed Ham

Ham is often the centerpiece of holiday meals. It can satisfy a large crowd and complements many different flavors. If you are looking for a healthy way to serve your dish, choose a shank instead. With the addition of sweet apricots and a savory mustard glaze, this holiday ham packs plenty of flavor.


• 7lb fully cooked bone-in ham (choose a smoked ham if you wish to reduce fat)
• 6oz dried apricots
• 2 tablespoons whole fresh cloves
• 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
• ½ cup apricot jam


1. Preheat the oven to 325F.
2. Using a sharp knife, remove the skin from the ham along with all but 1/8 inch of fat.
3. Use fresh cloves to secure the apricots to the fat side of the ham. Line the apricots in rows, leaving space between each one.
4. Place the ham fat side up in a large roasting pan with one cup of water. Cover the pan with foil and roast for two hours.
5. 15 minutes before the ham has finished roasting, begin preparing the glaze.
6. Heat the apricot jam and mustard in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.
7. Remove foil and brush glaze on top of the ham. Continue baking the ham for another 40 minutes or until the meat thermometer reaches 135F. During this time, brush the ham with the glaze every 15 minutes.

These delicious yet simple holiday recipes are sure to delight your holiday guests and impress your loved ones. With the right presentation, an uncomplicated recipe can turn into a gourmet masterpiece that’s a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

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8 Lifehacks for Stressed Out Moms

Most mothers will agree that motherhood can be quite rewarding. However, they would also agree that it can be very stressful at times. A mother’s job is never done. As soon as a mother completes one task, she has to start another. Fortunately, there are several things that mothers can do to reduce stress. Below are eight lifehacks for mothers who are stressed out:
Get Some Exercise

When you are a mother, taking care of yourself often falls to the bottom of your priority list. However, if you do not take care of yourself, then you will find yourself getting more stressed out. That is why you should try to get some time to yourself each day. Exercising is one way that you can de-stress. Exercises like running, dancing and kickboxing will help relieve physical and mental stress.
Try Giving Up Caffeine

Many sleep-deprived moms depend on caffeine to help them get through the day. However, caffeine can actually exacerbate feelings of stress. That is why you may want to consider giving up caffeine. If it is difficult for you to quit caffeine altogether, then you can cut your intake of it.
Ask For Help

Many mothers simply have too much on their plates and are reluctant to ask for help. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help. Your family members and friends can give you a well-deserved break.
Listen To Music

Listening to music can be very soothing. It helps take your mind off of your stressors. Listening to music can also help release endorphins, which are nature’s stress fighters and pain relievers.

Laughter is a very powerful stress reliever. It helps soothe tension and gives you a relaxed feeling. Additionally, laughter can also help lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases in excess when you are stressed. It not only causes you to feel stressed out, but it can also lead to other health problems, such as heart disease.
Take Some Deep Breaths

One way that you can instantly reduce your stress is by taking some deep breaths. You slow down your breathing and heart rate when you take deep breaths. Deep breathing also allows you to clear your mind and temporarily forget about the things that are causing you to feel stressed out.

Motherhood and life in general can cause you to experience a whirlwind of emotions. It is not healthy to keep your emotions bottled up inside of you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to someone about the way that you feel, then you may want to consider writing down your feelings in a journal.
Time Management

Mothers often have to cram several activities into one day. It is a lot easier for you to keep your stress under control if you improve your time management skills. You can improve your time management skills by making a to-do list. You may also want to consider planning ahead of time.

Although motherhood is a great thing, it can be difficult and stressful. Fortunately, your life will be a lot easier if you can get your stress under control. Managing your time well, writing in a journal, laughing, breathing deeply, exercising and listening to music are some of the ways you can alleviate your stress. You may also want to cut down on your caffeine intake and ask for help.

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Moms Regaining Natural Beauty

women, we are typically very self-conscious about the way we look during and after pregnancy. Having a baby is a life changing and body changing experience. While diet and exercise helps the new Mom to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy, there used to be little she could do to regain the youthful and attractive body she selflessly sacrificed in order to have a child. While some women choose to wear their post-pregnancy bodies as badges of honor, the majority of us would prefer to look good in a swimsuit again. Thanks to Dr. Frank Timothy, this is now possible.

Mommy Makeovers: Breasts

A Mommy Makeover is a fairly extensive, corrective cosmetic surgery procedure. The process includes augmentation of the breasts, either with the addition of implants or a breast lift (Mastopexy) or a combination of both. Whether a new Mom breastfeeds or not, the tissue and skin of the breasts are never the same once you’ve had a baby. Weight gain during pregnancy can cause rapid growth of the breast size, resulting in unsightly stretch marks. Once the patient is finished breast feeding, the breasts do decrease in size but the excess skin and absence of firm breast tissue makes the breasts look saggy or droopy. A breast lift alone can remove the excess skin and reshape the breast around the tissue that still remains, but for the breasts to regain their youthful pre-pregnancy fullness and firmness, implants may be necessary.

Mommy Makeovers: Tummy Tuck

In addition to the breast rejuvenation, Dr. Frank Timothy Plastic Surgeon also performs a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) with the Mommy Makeover. The tummy tuck reverses the damage done to the abdominal area by the massive changes it went through during pregnancy and returns the patient’s abdomen and waist to close to how it looked pre-pregnancy. Feminine contours are re-established, excess skin and wrinkled skin is removed, and after the procedure the abdomen appears flat, and the waistline regains its original youthful curves. Even stretch marks are made to look less noticeable, as many of them are removed along with the excess abdominal skin and with tighter skin, the stretch marks don’t “pucker” like they did when the skin was loose. The abdominal skin looks tighter, firmer and with a regular exercise routine patients often say they look better than before they were pregnant!

A post-pregnancy body can be somewhat of a shock to both the new Mom and her partner, especially if this is their first child. Pregnancy changes our bodies dramatically; the good news is that it can be fixed. If the patient is planning on having more children, Dr. Hess may recommend waiting until she is finished having children to do this procedure since it is so extensive. Recovery time is about two weeks which means the patient cannot go to work, exercise or perform even light duties around the house because of the post-op restriction of movement, pain and discomfort. Dr. Hess will prescribe medicine to control the post-procedure pain but primarily what the patient needs to recover properly is as much rest as possible for at least two weeks. Patients who have had the procedure say that it’s the best thing they could have ever done for themselves and that they are extremely happy with their rejuvenated bodies which more than makes up for the temporary discomfort during recovery.

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Weird Questions Kids Ask (and how you should answer)

We love teaching our kids. We love showing unveiling the world to them in a ways that they can understand and appreciate it. When they ask questions, it is a good sign and allows us to help them learn more about their surroundings. However, sometimes the natural curiosity of a kid can lead to some pretty interesting things. Sometimes even very weird things. This article is a salute to some of the strange things that kids like to ask. And lucky for you, we have also provided appropriate answers to these questions.
Question 1: Who do you love the most?

Sorry, you do have to answer this question. But, you don’t have to give a straightforward answer. Something like, “Why would I have to love one of you more?” Will do just fine.
Question 2: What happens after you die?

This can be difficult to navigate. It is important not to instill anything specific upon young children. Explain to them that we don’t really know what happens to people after they die. If you child is older, you can explain to him or her some of the things that people believe happens to people once they die; reincarnation, heaven and hell, or a higher state of consciousness. They should also understand that everyone dies and it is okay to be sad after a death because it is normal to miss people.
Question 3: Where do babies come from?

Many parents freak out when kids get around to this question. You can usually explain when babies come from while still saving the big talk for a few more years down the road. Start my explaining that it happens when a sperm and an egg unite. You can tack on that that happens inside of a mother’s body. As they get older and continue to ask, you can add on details until the whole truth comes out.
Question 4: If lying is bad, why did you just do it?

You are bound to break some of your own rules from your kids at some point or another whether it is swearing or lying or forgetting to say thank you. The first thing to do in this situation is acknowledge that it was wrong. If it was a necessary lie or curse or other misdemeanor, it may be time to explain why what you did was acceptable in that particular situation. This is especially applicable in the case of a lie. Explain that it may be appropriate to lie about certain things in some situations simply because that is what is socially acceptable.
Question 5: What is time?

Scientific questions are always difficult to answer, especially if you are not quite sure of the answer yourself. Try and simply complex scientific concepts into language that they understand. You may not be able to explain intricate theories of physics to your kids, but they should be able to understand certain principles in a basic way. For this question, you can explain that time is a way that we measure how things age. You can liken this to birthdays. Say that it is a system that we use to understand how old things are.

If you remain poised and think strategically about how to answer questions without lying, you’ll find that you will have the ability to appease your children and continue to stimulate their curiosity and intellect.

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9 Ideas You Should Steal From Pinterest

With all you have to do in your busy day to day life, organizing your home can greatly diminish the amount of time wasted when doing small chores or tasks around the house. There are plenty of ways to go about organizing your home in a way that has it working better and more efficiently than ever. Here are nine ideas from Pinterest that can help any busy working mom cut down on her time with chores, so she can spend more time focusing on her family, kids, and work.

#1: Laundry Sorting and Basket Storage
Try organizing your laundry baskets in a way that allows members of the family to sort their dirty laundry into different baskets. This will keep you from having to sort it yourself on laundry day.

#2: Keep Important Documents Neatly Organized In One Location
Instead of just having a drawer or folder that contains all your family’s important documents, keep one file drawer in your home office neatly organized and devoted solely to these important papers.

#3: Front Door Storage Cubby
Convert a set of shelves into a storage cubby that will go right next to the front door. Keep all the things you need to grab as you’re running out the door there, such as keys, book bags, purses, etc.

#4: Family Toothbrush Drawer
Avoid clutter and confusion over whose toothbrush is whose by converting a silverware organizer into a labeled toothbrush holder for the whole family.

#5: Create A Chore Chart Chalkboard
Busy moms and dads can help simultaneously teach children responsibility while also reducing the amount of work they have to do around the house by assigning reasonable expectations of chores to their kids. Keep track of who is to do what each day with a handy chore chart chalkboard in a central location in the house. Parents can write the chores for each kid up on the board, and when they’re finished kids can cross them off the list.

#6: Maximize Storage Space For Kids’ Toys
Create a revolving storage organizer for toys and extra clothing that can slide easily under your kid’s bed. Each section can be used for different kinds of toys or clothing, and when playtime and clean-up are over, the unit slides neatly away for convenient and tidy storage.

#7: Replace Shelves In Kitchen Cabinets And Closets With Drawers
Replacing shelves with drawers makes the back portion of cabinet space more easily accessible. The days of losing canned goods in the back of the pantry are gone, with your newfound ability to easily see the entire shelf/drawer.

#8: Keep A Drawer Of Kid Accessible Items In The Kitchen
These will be things like plastic cups, their favorite (pre-portioned and healthy) snack foods, and maybe even their own apron for when they help mom with preparing extra big meals or with baking cupcakes for the bake sale!

#9: Keep Your Home Office/Desk Clean And Tidy
Creating a simple electronic wire organizer that will help keep your charges and electric plugs for all your home office and personal electronic devices organized and untangled is a great way to bring organization and focus to a home office.

Every mother knows how hard it can be to keep things running around a busy household, but by planning ahead and organizing their life in a way that will help them worry less about household tasks and

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How Moms Can Get Their Insurance Quotes

As a mother, you may understandably be concerned about the health and well-being of your children. While you can take numerous steps on a daily basis to help them to stay healthy, such as providing them with structured exercise options and nutritious meals, you also need to have a plan in place for those times when they become sick or injured. The fact is that medical care can be expensive, and the last thing you may want is to be in a situation where your child needs medical attention but you are unable to financially pay for healthcare services. You can prevent this type of event from happening by taking time today to shop for affordable insurance quotes through Group Private.
Factors to Consider When You Shop For a Healthcare Plan

Each family may have different medical needs to consider, and you should consider how your family may use a health insurance plan. For example, if your children are younger in age, you may need coverage for annual well-checks, frequent sick visits and prescription medications. The fact is that younger children are still developing a strong immune system, and they may indeed require more doctor’s visits than older kids. If your family has older kids and if none of your family members have on-going health problems, a plan with a lower premium, a higher deductible and a higher co-pay may be a more affordable option. You simply have to consider how your family uses medical services and prescription drugs before you shop for your insurance plan.
Setting Up a Plan That Is Suitable For Your Family’s Needs

When you are setting up a plan, you should also think about how much you can afford to pay in medical bills each month. Think about the cost of the premium as well as how much the co-pay may cost each time you visit the doctor or hospital. In addition, think about if you need a prescription drug plan and which providers are included in the insurance plan. Through Group, you can easily find a wide range of coverage options that are ideal for most needs, and this makes it convenient for you to set up an affordable plan that is perfect for your family’s use.
Getting a Quote From a Representative

Group is committed to helping you get the coverage your family needs, and you can speak with a representative about the options by contacting the company today. Keep in mind that Group also provides coverage for dental insurance, term life insurance, accident insurance and other types of coverage. If you believe that you do not have the coverage in place that will fully protect your family or that will make it affordable for you to obtain all of the health and medical services they need, you can explore the options in detail with a representative from Group.

Medical expenses related to a sick visit, immunizations, specialty services and prescription drugs can cost a small fortune, but it is imperative that your family be able to take advantage of these as needed for their overall health and well-being. Through Group, you can find affordable insurance plans for these and other types of services, and this can be a true benefit to your family for years to come.

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5 Tips to Get Your Child To Sleep in Their Own Bed

The “family bed” usually helps children sleep well, but their sleep often comes at the expense of sleep for mom and dad. At some point, children have to learn how to sleep on their own in their bed. Like most big changes for kids, getting them to sleep in their own bed requires plenty of communication, patience and determination.

kid sleeping

Following these five tips will help you and your family make it through the night.

Establish a plan and communicate it. Three in the morning is not the time to announce that your son or daughter is no longer allowed in your bed. They will be more receptive to the idea during the day when they aren’t focused on their fear or discomfort. Give them plenty of time to absorb the idea that they are no longer allowed to sleep in mom and dad’s bed so you have less resistance at bedtime.

Make sure the time is right. What may seem trivial to you can be a huge deal for young child. Transitioning into their own bed may cause fear or anxiety in your son or daughter. Don’t add this on to other big changes in the child’s life. If you are potty training, moving into a new home, expecting another child or starting your child in daycare, it may be best to wait before you move them out of your bed.

Acknowledge their fear. Again, sleeping one’s own bed may seem like a simple concept, but it can cause a great deal of stress for a child. This is especially true if the child has never slept in their own bed. Acknowledge their fear by telling them you understand their feelings. Then calmly explain to them that they are too big to continue sleeping in mom and dad’s bed. This may take some repetition and extraordinary patience on your part, but it is better to empathize than to agitate.

Offer encouragement. In the morning, be sure to point out the good things your child did in their attempt to sleep in their own bed. Did they stay in their bed longer than usual? Did they actually sleep through the night? Celebrate every step of progress as rewards often carry more weight with children than punishment.

Hit the reset button. If your child is deeply resistant to the idea, you may need to spend a couple of nights sleeping in their room with them. This doesn’t mean sleeping in their bed, as that just transfers the same behavior to another location. Rather, sleep on their floor while they sleep alone in their bed. This may not be the most comfortable solution, but sometimes it’s the only solution.

Above all else, remember that communication is key. Make sure your child understands why you are asking them to make this change and that it’s a normal part of growing up. Your son or daughter must understand that this is a permanent change in the bedtime routine and not a temporary attempt. If you follow through with patience and empathy, your child will be sleeping in their own bed in no time.

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