A Mom’s Guide To Embarrassing Life Moments

Let’s face it, mom’s come up against some embarrassing moments. Handling these moments with grace, poise, and good humor helps keep our stress levels low and our relationships strong. Learn how to not sweat the little things and deal with life’s little hiccups.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
We’ve all been there. Our child notices a physical trait in someone standing nearby and decides to make a big deal of it. It may start with a whispered question about why that woman looks so old or why that man on the bus is picking his nose, but you can bet they’re going to get louder.

When our kids ask strangers embarrassing or rude questions, our first reaction is usually to try to shush the child and slink away. Usually it’s best to face this situation head on. It’s reasonable to apologize to the person your child offended, but don’t feel like you have to grovel. Everyone knows kids don’t have much of a filter. After you’ve escaped the situation and everyone is calm, it’s time to have a calm conversation about what’s appropriate to say to strangers and what isn’t.

I Swear It Doesn’t Usually Look Like This!
So your mom or best friend or in-laws call you up to say their in the neighborhood and thought they’d stop by. Only problem is, the house is a disaster. First of all, don’t be afraid to ask for a little time to get ready, since the visit is short notice. It’s important to create appropriate boundaries, even with close family. If you’ve got ten minutes to clean up, make sure to throw out the trash and toss the dishes in the dishwasher. Feel free to throw the rest of the mess in a room with a door you can keep closed. At the end of the day, no one’s home is perfect all the time, and your friends and family should understand.

Where Did That Come From?
Finding an unexpected mole can be embarrassing. Fortunately you don’t have to get minor surgery at the doctor’s office. Natural mole removal treatments can banish that spot and get you back to looking your best. Just remember, if a mole is oddly shaped or is growing rapidly, you should be sure to speak to your doctor.

What’s For Dinner?
Sometimes things fall through the cracks. Sometimes we forget to thaw the meat for dinner and have no idea what to feed everyone. There’s no need for this to be an embarrassing moment. If you have time and the budget, run to the grocery and pick up some simple ingredients for that night’s dinner. Otherwise, there’s no shame in ordering out for pizza now and then.

I Completely Forgot!
With a family’s worth of different schedules and needs to manage, sometimes you’re going to forget that you planned coffee or a movie with your friend. Try to prevent these moments by keeping either an electronic calender on your phone or a clearly posted family calender in your home. If you do forget that important event, don’t panic. Either spend a little less time getting ready or promise to make it up to the person with a new specific plan. Just make sure you keep track of that one.

No one is perfect, no matter what social media says. Take these embarrassing moments with a dose of humor and don’t worry too much.

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