6 Reasons for Convincing Your Teen Not to Drive Drunk

Despite all the warnings heard in health classes, public service announcements, and by the law itself, teenagers may find themselves in a situation where they must choose whether or not to drive while intoxicated. For the most part, a good parent would hope that his or her teenager would not be found in this situation at all. Still, it is better to be safe than to be sorry and take the extra steps to sit down with your teenager and review reasons why they should always consider another option should this circumstance arise.

In such a discussion, here are six key points to present to your teenager that should appeal to their logic and help them to understand the dire consequences that accompany drunk driving.

Danger to Oneself
The first reasons is likely to be the biggest concern for a parent: a teenager’s safety. Driving drunk presents a huge risk for an accident, and such accidents could very well be fatal. Helping your teenager to understand that their very life is on the line should they drink and drive will help them to see that calling a taxi, riding with a sober friend, or simply calling up the parents is always the better option. Better alive and sorry than dead.

Danger to Others
When someone drinks and drives, they are posing a risk not only to their own safety, but also to the safety of their passengers and others on the road. Even if the intoxicated driver were to survive a crash, there could be devastating consequences that could take the lives of others.

Carrying on from the last point, it is important to recognize that taking the life of another human being could traumatize a person’s conscience for their whole entire life. No one wants to live with that sort of guilt, and no one should have to in the first place.

Costs of Repair and Fines
In the case of a wreck, let us not forget the exponential costs that could come with repairs for damages on the driver’s own car as well as any other vehicles affected. The same goes with hospital fees for those injured, increased insurance costs, as well as the heavy fine sure to be imminent for the intoxicated driver responsible.

Affects Future Employment Opportunities
Along with the hefty financial burdens that could very well limit one’s future opportunities, drunk driving leaves a black mark on the driver’s permanent record. Every time a potential employer runs a background check, they will see the charge for driving while intoxicated and it will likely affect their decision to hire.

Destroys Trust
Finally, when a teen decides to drive while intoxicated, it ultimately destroys the trusting bond between them and their parents. As parents, it is important to emphasize that even if they’re illegally intoxicated but choose to call their parents for a ride instead of driving, that at least demonstrates some responsibility and all trust is not lost.

Overall, parents approaching teens on the topic of drunk driving should remember to give the above advice in a way that helps teenagers recognize that they are cared about rather than controlled. Teenagers who know that they know they are loved by their parents are more likely to to make smart decisions.

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