6 Local Weekend Getaway Ideas For Moms

Whether you’re new to mommyhood or you already know how to juggle 5 or 6 six kids in your sleep, you have a great deal in common with many other mommies: you never have enough time for yourself and you could really use a break. Why not take just one weekend for yourself and choose to spend it however you wish? That could mean going on a weekend fling with your significant other, pampering yourself at a spa, or calling up your best gals for a fun-filled weekend of good food and cheer. Consider the following 6 mini getaway ideas for moms that need a much deserved respite away from it all…

1. Rediscover Yourself

Most moms admit they habitually put everyone else before themselves. Noble, right? Yes, until you’re so emotionally tired you can’t even think straight. There are endless weekend retreats for you to visit. Several popular ones provide ample time for you to re-dedicate yourself to personal growth and healing. Look for special weekend getaways that focus on total wellness, spirituality, meditation and yoga, or another kind of self-discovery journey that interests you.

Need to stick closer to home? Try registering for a local workshop in your area that focuses on any number of personal self growth seminars.

2. Private Wine Country Tour

Be honest. Life is better when you’re holding a glass of wine in your hand. Live near a vineyard? Book a private tour with a few of your other mommy friends whether you’re just a curious wine enthusiast or a serious wine collector. Take a weekend and splurge on a wine country tour. Depending on how much wine you actually “tour”, you may need to take Monday off.

3. Foodie Escape

What better way to discover the culture of a nearby town than ‘tasting’ your way through it? Book a room at your favorite hotel and take a mouthwatering trip to test the local flavor. Not only is a great way to meet new people, but also discover the exciting sights around the area as well.

4. Spa Getaway

Nothing says ‘relax’ quite like a spa. When was the last time you had a full body massage, a makeover, or had an entire team of people fussing over you? It’s probably been awhile since you’re a busy mom.

Why not call your favorite gal pals and treat yourselves to a luxurious spa getaway weekend. You can get a manicure, pedicure, hair and skin treatment, various massages, and pamper yourself till your mommy stress simply melts away.

5. Romantic Weekend

Close your eyes and try to remember the last time you and your honey had some time alone – really alone. Hopefully, it wasn’t on your honeymoon. It’s so easy to get caught up in family life and put all that romance stuff aside. Isn’t it time to catch up? Moms are people too. Run away together for the weekend and rekindle the flame. Who knows? Maybe nine months later you’ll end up with someone else to call you ‘mommy’.

6. Good Ol’ Fashioned Hen Fest

Life is supposed to be celebrated and fun. Take off with your girlfriends shopping, eating, drinking, exploring, or sight-seeing for the weekend somewhere not too far from home. It’s probably long overdue. Who cares where you actually go as long as you’re all together. You can dish about your hubbies, sex lives, (or lack of them), the kids, your dreams – just laugh and have a good time with other mommies. Not only will it make you happy, it will force you to remember that you’re so much more than just a ‘mommy’.

Your weekend getaway isn’t about catching the next plane out of town and leaving for a week or more. Even just one full day away from it all will do wonders for your overall morale and spirit.

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