5 Must Haves for the Fashionista on a Budget

Ah, the wide world of shopping. While you may want to purchase just about every item in the ladies section, it is best to refrain from the fads. Let’s face it: Yes, that expensive chevron blouse is totally “in,” but how long before it is buried in your closet and lost to a new fad? When you are shopping on a budget, you should choose items that are always in style, and that you will get great use out of. Classic pieces will always be at the forefront of your closet.

What kinds of items are we talking about? Allow us to share our thoughts…

#1: A black blazer. You can absolutely not go wrong with a classic, fitted black blazer. This can be thrown over your favorite graphic t-shirt for a chic, casual look or over a blouse for those days in the office. However you choose to wear your blazer, it is a classic piece that will never go out of style.

#2: A good pair of jeans. Yes, you are shopping on a budget, but it is important to consider how an item is made – and how long it will last. When it comes to a staple such as jeans, you may be better off splurging on a well-made, tailored pair of jeans that will last for years. Sure, you can purchase that $20 pair of jeans… but how long will they last before the seams unravel? You will only be dishing another $20 sooner than later. Find a sturdy pair that flatters your body and you will be better off in the savings department.

#3: A versatile pair of heels. Every lady needs a pair of heels. Find a pair that are comfortable enough to wear around town. Remember – bigger is not always better! Choose a heel that you can handle so that you can walk well in them, too. A pair of black pumps are your best bet.

#4: A perfect fit bathing suit. What is more comfortable that a cute, perfect-fit bathing suit? Those days on the beach are much more fun when you feel confident in your swimwear. Choose a piece that flatters your body type and hugs in all the right places. One piece or two, you will look beautiful when you shop for a piece that flatters.

#5: A little black dress. Ah, the LBD. The little black dress is notorious for turning heads and giving ladies a boost in confidence. You cannot go wrong with this piece! It can be both dressed up and dressed down, making it a staple for every fashionista’s closet. Since we are sticking to a budget here, head on over to your local Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Both stores are affordable and carry a wide variety of dresses. You are bound to find that perfect LBD – you just have to be patient!

If you are committed to sticking to your budget, it is best to commit to the above five pieces. These pieces never go out of style and will always make a good impression. Once you have the necessities in your closet, you can always accessorize – that is where the real fun begins, right?

Good luck on your shopping adventures!

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